Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturers in India

Industrial Washing Machine in India

Looking for one of the biggest Industrial Washing Machine Manufacturers in India? Pabla Enterprises being located in Delhi offers these clothes washers in different sizes to meet the precise washing machine needs of people in India. Our offered range incorporates 100KG, 30KG, 200KG, 15KG, 50KG, 300KG, and 400KG clothes washer which gives a gentler wash and requires less water. 

Reasonable for Laundry Dyeing Units

Our planned and made cluster of items is appropriate for clothing coloring units which assist them with saving a huge number of liters of water each year. Every one of these machines are planned and created by our profoundly gifted group of specialists with flawlessness and with no default. You can get in touch with us to purchase our perfect machines.

Productive Delivery

We are recognized as the main Industrial Washing Machine Suppliers and Exporters in India for catering the mass request requests of customers properly and effectively. We satisfy the exact imperative made by our customers by providing and sending out these machines inside a guaranteed time-frame.

The new Industrial washing machine is able to use less water and deliver a gentler wash, thanks to the revolutionary SPLASH technology, helping LAUNDRY-DYEING units to save on average almost a million liters of water each year.

Available Sizes 15 to 400 Kg (made on order).

SAME in frontload as well

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